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EURODUR EPH 0402 crackfit

2-component epoxy resin-hybrid casting compound

System description

EURODUR EPH 0402 crackfit is a 2-component flexibilised, self-levelling epoxy resin hybrid with high chemical and mechanical resistance, and can be poured directly into the cleaned, widened crack or joint gap without primer. Re-pouring to compensate for sagging is possible without difficulty, since the material is cold vulcanising. At over-poured points, the material can simply be ground with a diamond cup wheel without smearing. Subsequent coating with epoxy resin systems is also possible without difficulty. Due to its established resilient properties, small movements in the cracks or corner joints can also be absorbed.

Areas of application

Suitable for renovation of cracks, filling corner joints or sealing sensor cables that are subject to a high mechanical stress, e.g. for parking garages, container terminals, scrap yards, warehouse areas, hall transitions, recycling facilities, assembly areas, etc.

System features

  • Chemical-resistant

  • May be driven over by pneumatic and vulcanised tires

  • Tough-resilient

  • Easily repaired

  • High notching resistance

  • Weatherproof

  • High impact resistance

  • Self-levelling