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EUROX EDS joint profile

Joint profile of stainless steel

System description

Horizontal joints (floor joints) that are subject to high mechanical stress. EUROX EDS joint profile is a combination of stainless steel profiles and a factory-applied, polysulphide-based resilient seal.

Areas of application

Suitable for creation or renovation of horizontal joints (floor joints) that are subject to high mechanical stress, e.g. for joints in parking garages, container terminals, scrap yards, warehouse areas, hall transitions, recycling facilities, assembly areas, forklift routes, etc.

System features

  • No screws or welding required

  • Locally repairable

  • May be driven over by pneumatic and vulcanised tyres

  • Weatherproof

  • Rustproof

  • No slipping hazard

  • Three-dimensional movement absorption

  • Wear-resistant and maintenance-free

  • Variable profile heights and widths

  • Level connection

  • Visible seal