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2-component polysulphide coating

System description

EUROCOAT TC 97 AS is a resilient, highly chemical-resistant 2-component polysulphide coating that can be applied using the airless procedure. The EURODUR EP 0100 primer is applied to a sound, clean substrate. To obtain better control of layer thickness during application of the cover layers, they have different colours (intermediate layer green, cover layer grey). The black conductive layer prevents electrostatic charges and is grounded using conductive copper tapes. EUROCOAT TC 97 AS is especially suitable for traffic-free surfaces and building components that are subject to considerable dynamic movement.

Areas of application

Suitable for coating flat bottom tank foundations, catch basins, wind turbine foundations, etc.

System features

  • Chemical-resistant

  • Excellent crack bridging

  • Accessible

  • Electrostatically conductive

  • Outstanding cold resilience

  • High UV and weathering resistance

  • Locally repairable

  • Ageing-resistant