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2-component epoxy resin-mortar

System description

EUROREPAIR PC 96 is a pre pigmented, premixed epoxy resin-mortar for repair of damage to concrete traffic areas. The mortar is especially suitable for re-profiling joint edges and renovation of breaks in concrete surfaces. This epoxy resin mortar can be used in various temperature ranges using different hardener systems. The repair mortar is also ideal for areas that must be quickly put back into operation, such as loading ramps, depots, roads and motorways.

Areas of application

Renovation of joint edges or breaks in industrial or traffic areas that must be mechanically stressed within a short time, such as loading ramps, motorways, air traffic areas, industrial and warehouse areas.

System features

  • Chemical-resistant

  • Liquid tight

  • May be driven over by pneumatic and vulcanised tire

  • Premixed

  • Pre-pigmented

  • Fast curing

  • Same modulus of elasticity as roadway concrete

  • Easy application

  • Water impermeable

  • National technical approval