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EUROLASTIC TC 30 G traffic

2K Polysulfid-Dichtstoff

System description

EUROLASTIC TC 30 G traffic is a highly reactive, chemical-resistant, self-levelling 2-component polysulphide sealant with an approved total deformation of 35%. Due to the short flash-off times of EUROLASTIC Primer U12G traffic (approx. 15 min. at +23°C/ 50% RH until sealant application) and the sealant's very fast reaction time (curing within 240 min. at +20°C and 50% relative humidity), it can be driven over after a short time in renovation situations.

These information can also be found from our flyer EUROLASTIC TC 30 G traffic.

Areas of application

Creation or renovation of dummy, press or expansion joints on traffic surfaces such as runways, taxiways, motorways, concrete roads

System features

  • Chemical-resistant

  • May be driven over by pneumatic and vulcanised tires

  • 35% approved total deformation

  • Locally repairable

  • Outstanding cold resilience

  • High notching resistance

  • High UV and weathering resistance

  • Highly reactive

  • Tack-free, even at high temperatures

  • Recyclable

  • High ageing resistance

  • National Technical Approval

  • Complies with
    ZTV Fug StB | DIN EN 14188-2